We believe all children have the right to a great education regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or geographic location.

That’s why we want to help more builders put education at the center of community.

At BuildStrong Education, we believe that high quality education and excellent schools are a critical cornerstone to creating great communities, more opportunities and successful lives for all. That’s why we are passionate about sharing what we know with others and using our collective impact to ensure access to high quality education in every Colorado community.

Our model. Your commitment. A new generation of successful students and vibrant communities.
We know that no two communities (or builders) are alike. However, we have a relatively simple model of convening stakeholders around the important topic of schooling which we feel is replicable and rewarding for builders and an important responsibility for our industry.

From higher student achievement and more opportunities to participate in new educational programs for students, to higher housing and land values, greater tax revenues, and greater opportunities to attract and retain industry for the community, this model is a win-win for everyone involved.

To learn more about Education Master Planning or the projects of BSE, contact Amy Schwartz at 303-486-8565.


Colorado and Denver economies remain near the top of the country with job creation still above 3%.

“Thanks to the Foundation, over 20,000 students have built home libraries at 14 elementary schools.”
Amy Friedman
, President and CEO
, Book Trust