Student/Family Support

To ensure student success, we need to help educate them academically, socially and emotionally.

Our world is changing so rapidly it takes more innovation, ingenuity and inspiration than ever to keep kids on top of what they need to know.

We certainly believe in the power of rigorous academics. But we don’t stop there.
Today’s students need more than even the most extraordinary teachers can offer in the classroom. They need to be prepared academically, socially and emotionally to be able to compete in the 21st Century workforce where industries and technologies are changing at record speeds. So, we work to ensure that students have opportunities for enrichment activities, athletics, early childhood education, social and emotional supports and a strong connection to their communities.

Ideally, every child has opportunities for good health, growth and support from prenatal to  their highest potential in life. But sometimes, those opportunities are limited by where a child happens to live, or what resources they have available to them. That’s why we provide funding, advocacy, collaboration and innovative thinking around how to create world-class student and family support systems which wrap around schools, no matter what the socio-economic status of the community.


Since 2012, we’ve worked with Book Trust to distribute 500,000 free books to 21,379 Far Northeast Denver students.

“They made it possible to bring our high quality early care and education model to hundreds of young at Z Place.”
– Charlotte Brantley, President and CEO, Clayton Early Learning