High quality education and excellent schools are a critical cornerstone to creating great communities, more opportunities, and successful children and families.

We believe every child, no matter where he or she lives, deserves equal opportunity to an excellent education and all the promise that holds for their future.

BuildStrong Education is a private foundation committed to building great education through the power of community. As the foundation arm of one of the nation’s leading community developers, BuildStrong Education acts as a facilitator, catalyst, partner and resource in placing education back in the center of community. We inspire communities to think differently, work together and become empowered change agents for improving communities and lives through education.

Our Vision

We envision a state where great education is at the center of every Colorado community and every Colorado child has access to exceptional education.

Our Mission

We are a catalyst for educational excellence through empowered community action.


For every 600 single family homes, a 400-student elementary school is needed.

“They have provided vision, courage, and a commitment to action, helping create educational opportunities for tens of thousands of students.”
– Bill Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer, DSST Public Schools