Banning Lewis Ranch Academy

New School Development

Banning Lewis Ranch Academy

From the time an education master plan was created for Banning Lewis Ranch, to the approval of the school’s charter to expand to 12th grade, it took three years of a hard work, collaboration, innovative thinking and perseverance. The result is a great example of community and education experts working together to create an exceptional learning environment for all.

During 2014, BuildStrong Education, Falcon 49 School District and Banning Lewis Ranch Academy worked together to open a new charter high school in collaboration with the three other K-8 charter schools in the district. The facility was to be located at a new site, not adjacent to any of the exisitiing K-8 charter schools.

BuildStrong Education provided a facilitator to work with the design team of the proposed new charter high school which included leadership from all four schools as well as Falcon 49. While hard work was done by all, neither the site nor the funding came through.

Undaunted and driven by a passion for making this project come to life, the leadership of the Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Board of Directors was ready to make their own high school happen. Without the Board’s extraordinary persistence and tenacity, the high school would have never happened.

BuildStrong Education provided consultants to help prepare budgets and educational programming. Once the school’s charter contract was expanded, we provided support around hiring a design-build team to design and build the new facility as well as support with securing their financing. During the construction of the school, the Oakwood Homes team stayed in communication with the General Contractor at all stages to ensure synergy and success in and around the site.